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We pack a comprehensive microbiology course into intuitive illustrations that come to life before your eyes. Take advantage of the power of visual learning and answer questions on the USMLE STEP 1 with confidence.

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What is SketchyMicro?

Unique memory spaces for microbes

Our video library of narrated lectures present microbes in their own memorable spaces, allowing you to create a memory palace with our scenes. This visual spatial technique is used by memory champions, and will allow you to remember facts as if they were objects in a room.

Intuitive sketches that come to life

Sketches are drawn and explained piece by piece so you are never bogged down by a busy image. Instead of resorting to random symbols, we strive to present cohesive scenes and stories that make sense so information is easier to recall.

A comprehensive course

Our videos are more than just sketches. Learn complete information from our detailed narrations which teach the perfect amount of information for the STEP 1.

Unique Features for Smart Studying

Recurring symbols

Create a differential diagnosis and quickly eliminate answer choices by remembering where symbols appear

Organism grouping

Related microbes cleverly appear in each other's sketches, giving you an edge on questions that rely on association

Convenient functionality

Watch on almost any device and save time by viewing our videos at 1.7x speed!

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